Find the Right Patent Attorney

Ask your attorney for a recommendation. Also consider contacting your local county bar association to obtain a list of local patent attorneys. You may also find a patent practitioner near you by performing an advanced search of the USPTO roster of registered patent attorneys and agents.

Talk to at least two or three candidates. Follow your instincts. Consider the possibility of needing your patent attorney to testify in a deposition or trial. If you do not “click” with a local practitioner, expand your search. There are over 20,000 individuals registered to practice before the USPTO. You are not limited to hiring a patent attorney or patent agent located in your state.

We understand that you have a choice in selecting counsel. We want to help you and welcome the opportunity to meet with you in person or over the telephone. We conduct our initial consultations in a confidential setting that includes video conferencing.

Why Hire an Experienced Patent Attorney ?

In 1892 the United States Supreme Court stated in Toplift v. Toplift , 145 U.S. 156, 171, 12 S. Ct. 825, 831 (1892)

The specification and claims of a patent, particularly if the invention be at all complicated, constitute one of the most difficult legal instruments to draw with accuracy; and, in view of the fact that valuable inventions are often placed in the hands of inexperienced persons to prepare such specifications and claims, it is no matter of surprise that the latter frequently fail to describe with requisite certainty the exact invention of the patentee, and err either in claiming that which the patentee had not in fact invented, or in omitting some element which was a valuable or essential part of his actual invention.

Today, over a hundred years after the Topliff case, the demands of effective patent prosecution are even more rigorous.