Sample Patents

An owner of a patent issued by the USTPO may prevent others in the United States from manufacturing, importing or selling products covered by the claims of the patent.

Here are a few sample patents obtained for our clients:

A continuous time quadrant modulator with other electronic components create a new noise cancellation system well suited for cell phones. U.S. Patent 7,706,821

A two microphone system with adaptive filters creates a clear voice signal for cell phones. U.S. Patent 7,817,808

A baseball throwing machine from Australia propels baseballs at the pro level. U.S. Patent 7,581,538

Another baseball throwing machine uses a unique barrel configuration and other mechanisms to throw curve balls and sliders. U.S. Patent 7,631,454

A mixer and sampler down convert radio waves entering a cell phone. U.S. Patent 7,558,548

A new pulley system on a weight lifting machine provides just the right amount of load at each position. U.S. Patent 7,682,295

A new system of radio wave modulation keeps your voice sounding clear over cell phone conversation.U.S. Patent 7,742,790